MOU Agreement

Student Placement Provider Checklist

The checklist below is to be reviewed for all Placement Providers, for Internship Placement. 

  • Will the posting/ excursion offer good opportunities for fulfilling the student’s learning outcomes?
  • Which students would the posting/ excursion suit? (e.g. level and specific areas of interests for the student)
  • Placement provider understands the aims and learning outcomes of the posting or excursion.
  • Agreement of the appropriate level of student responsibility
  • Placement learning agreement prepared and signed.
Placement Preparation
  • Risk assessment conducted by the key university staff, using the Student Placement Risk Profiling form for Placement Providers. 
  • Students informed of any particular risks and measures taken to minimize risks.
  • Students are aware and understand their responsibility for their personal health and safety.  
  • Students are made aware of their responsibilities during the period of the placement to the Placement Provider; members of the public with whom they may come into contact during the placement; and the university.
  • Students are fully briefed in a preparation session.
  • Students sign for receipt of briefing information
  • Any necessary preliminary training undertaken (e g. manual handling, first aid, or any specific risk training)
  • Staff to student ratios acceptable (if appropriate) 
  • Appropriately trained supervisors and/or mentors allocated to students by provider.
  • Contact person within the university for student and provider allocated
  • Arrangements for maintaining contact with the university are in place, including planned visits by staff/tutors, where appropriate.
  • Travel arrangements to, from and at location arranged (perhaps by the student)
  • Permission to work at location obtained, if required
  • Provision made for students with disabilities (contact CPSC for advice)
  • Does the student have suitable accommodation, where appropriate, arranged either by the Placement Provider, the university or the student themselves?
General Health and Safety
  • Does the Placement Provider have a health and safety policy?
  • If so, is the safety policy suitable and sufficient for the hazards likely to be encountered?
  • Suitable catering arrangements in place (drinking water, any special dietary needs, food preparation and storage acceptable
  • Suitable washroom facilities
  • First aid arrangements and equipment in place.
  • Are emergency procedures explained (e.g. In case of fire, accident)?
  • Are potential risks to personal safety assessed and minimized?
  • Is Health Insurance coverage acceptable, for the duration of placement?
  • Opportunity to visit location in advance of the placement, where practicable
  • Information provided on the mechanisms, working practices, work culture, uniform, conduct and professional values.
  • Student is issued any uniform, protective clothing or equipment necessary
Overseas Placements
  • International Office contacted for local information on customs, cultural factors, country-specific risks 
  • Visa and health requirements (e.g. Have repatriation issues been considered in case of health, injury or fatality as a result of work or otherwise)
After the Placement
  • Are students encouraged to provide feedback on the experience?
  • Placement Providers are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience, and any ways in which the process could be improved